5 of the best ways to attract more customers to your business

01 May 2020By Michelle

Roll up, roll up – How to draw more customers to your business

It’s a simple concept – one active social profile = more leads, more customers, more sales.


Except it’s not quite so simple, is it?


It doesn’t take long to understand that social media marketing is uniquely challenging. And right now, you may well be wondering where the flood of customers is (after all, stat after stat promised that social was where it was at)…

44% of businesses say they depend on social media for brand awareness, and 41% to drive revenue.

Almost 90% of marketers say social media has increased exposure for their business, and 75% reported increased traffic.

If you were hoping for more customers that social media is currently delivering, try these five tips for driving more to your digital doors.


  1. Be there for your followers – every day (without fail)

Your followers should know that you’re a real person – that behind your posts and profiles is someone with whom they can form a human connection. This means checking in daily and interacting with your followers, and putting together a plan to build your personal brand (here’s our ‘How To’ on this exact subject: Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s get to work on your personal brand story).

It’s also a good idea to use a monitoring tool for any mentions across the social platforms, so you can jump into the conversations about your brand within the hour.

  1. Bust your butt to make your content remarkably valuable

Your content MUST provide value to your audience. Anything less and you’ll be seen as a brand that wastes your audience’s time, money and opportunity (which is a fast-track way to drive your followers to unfollow).

So be DAMN SURE that each blog, video or eBook is relevant, relatable, inspirational, aspirational, or educational. Here are some elements that every piece of content you create should have:

  • paid promotion to kick-start interest
  • Eye-grabbing graphics
  • Complete uniqueness
  • A compelling call to action
  • A bit of controversary


  1. Create content that is highly visual

Words have their place, but images are an essential for information retention. Looking at the numbers, people retain only 10% of written content 3 days later, compared to 65% of textual content that features by the side of images (and when the images are relevant, it also leads to 94% more views).


  1. Know your days and times

Choosing the exact time to post can make a big difference to how much engagement you enjoy (BTW – the best time to post to Facebook is noon, and to get the most shares Saturdays work best).

Our brief introduction to social networkstold you about the best days and times to post on each of the social platforms, but every industry and brand will naturally differ from these to some degree (so ongoing analysis of audience interaction is essential; platforms such as Followerwonk and Tweriod can make lightwork of this).


  1. Be led by the data when making decisions

There’s something to be said for going with your gut in business. Yet when it comes to social media, being led by the data means that you’ll be CERTAIN your strategy will work (rather than crossing your fingers and hoping your instincts were right). Here’s where you should be drawing data from…



Batten down the hatches and stand by your computers, with the above tips actioned you should steel yourself for a flurry of customers. And if you want to focus solely on your business, rather guiding customers over to your website, our team are happy to help.

Talk with us about what we could do for you.


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