A grown-up guide to TikTok for business 

01 October 2021By Michelle

A grown-up guide to TikTok for business 

TikTok – the social media craze that’s been the focus of teens and 20-somethings everywhere for a while now. But for anyone over a certain age it’s hard not to feel left behind in what seems like a never-ending array of random challenges and frantic creativity.

During lockdown especially, Tiktok usage soared. And of course, now we’re opening up again in this post-Covid world, it’s clear Tiktok is going nowhere. It may well form the next part of your social media strategy!

What is TikTok?

TikTok allows users to make short mobile videos to share. It’s a bit like a short-form YouTube or Instagram for videos, but with fun extra features.

Videos created on TikTok can be anywhere from five seconds to 1 minute long. It’s also easy to add in special effects and cool filters, plus there’s a massive music library where you can choose songs to add to your videos too.

TikTok also has an in-built algorithm, using Artificial Intelligence to recommend videos that are most likely to appeal to them based on their previous viewings. This makes it easier for users to discover more content and create viral sensations.

How does TikTok actually work?

Statistics show that TikTok users log in for an average of 53 minutes a day. It generally works like this:

You download the app and then once logged in you’re confronted with large variety of content that is the #ForYou screen. It’s basically an endlessly scrollable list of very popular videos that the app thinks you might like too.

If any other videos don’t float your boat, you can tell the algorithm by not pressing “heart” on videos you’re not interested in. You can also follow specific hashtags, accounts or trends that do interest you.

TikTok for business: A range of content to create

Once you’ve got to know your audience and checked out your competitors on Tiktok, you’re ready to build your content for your business. A funny lip-sync video might be on your agenda, but there are loads of different ways to promote your business. For example, you could:

  • Introduce your business and your team with a quirky theme song that shows what you’re all about.
  • Do a little tour of your workplace so followers get an “inside look” at where the magic happens.
  • Share an inspirational story, perhaps what inspired you to start your business in the first place.
  • See if any past customers would be happy to talk on video about their experience (hopefully positive!)
  • What does the name of your business mean? Is it a little bit different and how did you come up with it?
  • Does your business have a charity aspect to it? For instance, do you regularly donate money, time or products to your local community? Share it on video and explain its importance.

Oh, and one more top tip: Animals! Perhaps you have an office cat or a lazy dog that flops around in the background of your videos. TikTok users love this!

The big thing to remember here is that TikTok videos are fun and edgy, so whatever topic you choose try not to make it too dry. Make sure it’s engaging with plenty of effects and catchy music.

TikTok something you’re interested in for your business?

Why not speak to the LeadSocial specialistsabout how TikTok can influence your social media marketing for the better. Check out some of our recent blogson the subject too, and don’t forget to pick one of our support packages.

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