Common (easy) mistakes businesses make when writing blog posts

01 December 2020By Michelle

Common (easy) mistakes businesses make when writing blog posts

Blog posts are the cornerstone of any good website if you want to keep things fresh and interesting for your customers. It’s no surprise then that many businesses use blogs to attract visitors and fill out their social media feeds regularly.

What does come as a surprise to many people though is why their blogs aren’t quite hitting the mark. Why aren’t they generating much traffic and why aren’t people sharing them?

If this sounds familiar, stop scratching your head and read on as we look at how you can make your blog posts successful and profitable as part of an effective social media strategy. Check out our other blogs too, including this one on how to attract more customers to your business.

Silly question, but what actually is a blog?

Not silly at all, and if you’re new to owning a website getting to know all of the jargon can be quite daunting.

A blog is simply a short piece of writing on a subject relevant to your business. So if you own a DIY store for example, you might want to write a piece about drill bits or guttering, or how to fix a leaky tap.

The key to a good blog is that it should be informal and easy to read, but we’ll come on to that in a minute. Here at LeadSocial we specialise in writing blogs and raising your social media profile, to take all the hard work out of it for you and cut through the jargon.

Ok so I need to write some blogs – help!

The first thing to remember when picking a subject is to consider a few important points right off the bat:

  • Is it relevant to my business?
  • Will potential customers want to read it?
  • Is this a new or different topic that hasn’t already been covered a gazillion times elsewhere?
  • How will the blog generate further clicks and interest?

Once you’ve nailed these things, you’re half way there. Now you just need to write it!

Keep the article concise, on topic and informal. Make sure you insert links to other blogs you may have, as well as products you are selling (you are trying to promote your business after all!)

Remember too that you’re not producing a work of art here, but you should take time to edit and review your blog before publishing. A blog full of spelling errors and incorrect information will turn your customers off instantly. Don’t make your titles too long either! Did you know that according to statistics from Hubspot, people are more likely to read blogs that have between 6 and 13 words in the title?

Finally, try to write your blog like you are having a conversation with someone. Keep it light, chatty and personal to you. Would you rather listen to someone dictating to you from a lectern or across a table enjoying a coffee? Some of the best blogs out there are the most informal after all.

Still feeling a bit overwhelmed?

At LeadSocial, we specialise in social media promotion and management, and will be happy to chat to you about your ideas. Why not get in touchwith our friendly team to see what we can do for you?


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