Eight Hot-to-Trot Reasons to Outsource your Marketing

01 July 2019By Michelle

Pondering whether to take the plunge and outsource your marketing to the professionals? Here are eight reasons why you should…

1. Flexible packages to suit your business
Rather than only offering a one-size fits all package. Our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages offer flexibility to suit your needs. With all our packages, we let our results do the talking.

2. No fulltime team member to pay (as well as their pension, holidays, perks, sick pay… and on the list goes)
Hiring a fulltime marketing person costs money. When all is said and done, it’s a risk. When you outsource, you get pro marketing, minus the commitment to a staff member and all the other outgoings that come with them.

3. You can grow or downscale at whim
When you pick your agency well, your marketing can scale as you do – providing more or less services as business calls for it. This is a vital plus point for the SME that’s growing quickly, as we recently wrote about in this blog: Fast-growing SME? Here’s why you should outsource your marketing. Today.

4. You can enjoy all that an integrated campaign brings to the table
‘Integrated campaign’. Urgh. We hate unnecessary marketing jargon as much as you. But this term is pretty important to get to grips with. Integrated means that all your marketing slots together – so that’s content, email, display advertising and social media. It’s a way of presenting a single, compelling message to a very specific group of your audience.
Trouble is, they’re tough to put together and even more difficult to track, test and tweak for the layperson. On the other hand, integrated campaigns are our bread and butter – we know them inside out, upside down.

5. You benefit from specialist knowledge in each marketing field
When hiring for your SME, you need an all-rounder – someone who’s pretty good at email marketing, content creation, and so on. This doesn’t do you any favours, as the saying goes “Jack of All Trades…” which leads us nicely to our next outsourcing benefit…

6. You gain access to the talent you couldn’t afford to hire in-house
We’ll be straight up here. We pay well for exceptional marketing talent. As a marketing agency, it’s vital that we do so if we’re to attract the best talent. For your SME, these salaries may not be justified as you’d find yourself with a large team of individual experts at a price that could hit hard for the balance sheet.

7. You get a crystal-clear answer on the topic of ROI (you do with Lead Social, at least)
Measuring the return on what you spend on marketing is a notoriously challenging task, especially when it comes to certain areas of marketing (such as content marketing). When you outsource, you know how much you’re paying month in, month out. And any respectable agency will have the analysis in place to tell you how many leads, calls, clicks and sales you’ve won because of their work.

8. Sometimes outside eyes can make ALL the difference to your marketing
If you’ve been handling your marketing in-house since day one, it’s difficult not to get stuck in your ways. Thing is, what works online today, is dead and buried by next week. As marketing professionals, it’s our job to keep up with this frantic world, and being new to your business means that we’ll think of ideas and strategies that you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

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