Five reasons to outsource your social media marketing (like, yesterday)

01 September 2022By Michelle

Five reasons to outsource your social media marketing (like, yesterday)

Mulling over whether to DIY or go pro with your social? Here’s why you should already…


  1. Social marketing experts can grow your audience, increase brand awareness and get ACTUAL ENGAGEMENT (you know, the part that leads to pence, pounds and profit)

Online adults aged 18-34 are the most likely to follow a brand via social networking (95% of them do).


You probably already knew that gen z and millennials were the most likely demographics to follow a brand. But we’ll hedge our bets that you had no idea that it’s people aged 55-64 who are more than twice as likely to engage with branded content.


Moral of the story?


Social media experts know who and how consumers connect with brands. Which is mission-critical, as there’s a big difference between following a brand, and actually engaging.


  1. A social media agency can ensure you’re there for your customers (quickly)

People have high expectations of communication on social media. Which means that you need to respond to comments and messages quickly. Which also means being available throughout the working day (yes, even when you should be focused on working).

The average response time for companies on Facebook is one day, three hours, and 47 minutes. And yet 85% of customers on Facebook expect a response from companies within just six hours. Even more pressing, is the fact that 25% of millennials expect a response within 10 minutes.

This leaves you with two choices…

You can either commit a member of your team to social media fulltime or trust a social media marketing agency with it (then get on with your day). According to, the average salary for a Social Media Executive is £26,000 (not to mention additional employee costs!).


  1. A social media marketing agency can ensure you’re seen as an authority

Trust. It’s a big thing in business. And with social media providing a direct line of communication to your target market, there’s no better place to earn it.

But – we want to be honest, in a world filled with fake news, building trust is tough. You need to build a social community and serve up relevant content that connects with your audience.


Most businesses are simply ill-equipped to put together a strategy that tackles both community building and effective content creation.


  1. Social media experts can ensure you keep up with your competitors

If you’re not focusing on social, chances are that your competitors will be…


Ad spending on social video increased by 38.1% during 2018, and accounts for 38% of the average business’ marketing spend (compared to just 17% on search)


  1. Social media can increase leads and drive sales (when done right, that is)

39% of marketers have generated leads through Facebook

Have you come even close to this level of success? If not, then this alone perhaps demonstrates the difference between social media marketing done by marketers, and social media handled in-house.

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