Get your social media right, and a future-proofed business is yours for the taking

15 March 2020By Michelle

Technology advances by the month. And digital marketing strategies that today send business to your online shop, may be shook and shaken by a Google algorithm update tomorrow.

In this world where change is the only certainty, how can you possibly future-proof your business?


The answer lies in social media.


And the following four tips tell you how…


  1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

If you’re investing in one social platform – and only one, you need to widen your focus. Anything could happen – your page could be taken down, the network could lose users by the truckload or the platform could go offline overnight.

By the same token, don’t be tempted to hit every social network going. While the average user has 7.1 social media accounts, they’ll only use one or two on a daily basis (and if you’re wondering which those might be, take a trip to our blog: A swift introduction to social media platforms).


  1. Create a strategy that is for the long haul

Everyday there are new marketing tactics and techniques that promise big results for minimal effort. While keeping your ear to the ground is vital in the realm of social media, don’t be seduced by the latest ‘promise the world’ strategy.

You need a plan (along with clearly defined goals and objectives) for the long term. In my blog Marketing strategy – What it is and why it’s so darn important, I walk you through the process step by step.


  1. Take the time to shape your brand

If you’re wondering where to start, begin with your WIN…

  • Who:Who are you speaking with?
  • Issues:What problems do you solve?
  • Need:What are their specific needs?

With these firmed up and written down, take a read of: Are you sitting comfortably? Then let’s get to work on your personal brand story.


  1. Nurture relationships, rather than chase sales

Fourth and finally, social media is about developing relationships, and you can’t do that without first understanding who your audience are.

This should begin with deep-dive research on each social media network and the hashtags people are using that relate to your business. Note questions, worries, goals. Discover which brands your target market follow, which posts they engage with and what they’re posting. Along the way, get a feel for the imagery, tone of voice and type of content your competitors are using to target the same people as you.


Prefer to leave the future-proofing to the professionals? Want to just get on with your day, while your follower count goes up, and up and up? We’ll be ready when you are.

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