Got a seriously brilliant digital product idea? Validate it using social media

01 November 2020By Michelle

Got a seriously brilliant digital product idea? Validate it using social media

So you’ve come up with the most amazing digital product idea. You know it’ll positively affect the lives of thousands of people, and of course yours. But how on earth are you supposed to come up with the perfect marketing strategy to get it all going?

Well the good news is you don’t need squillions of pounds in the bank – just effective social media. Here are a few ideas about how to do it (and you might also find our recent blog How To Measure The Impact Of Social Media On Your Business useful too!)

  1. Have a goal – and stick to it

When you set up an account with Facebook, Twitter or Instagram for instance you need to know what you actually want to achieve. This could be gaining followers, building brand awareness, selling products or connecting with your audience. We’re guessing that it’s probably all of them.

Whatever your goal, all the content you produce needs to meet the purpose behind it. The whole point is your social media postings work for you, and drive your customers to do something (generally to buy your product).

At LeadSocial this is our bread and butter. When you choose one of our amazing value support packages we will work hard to understand your business goals and come up with the perfect social media marketing strategy for you – one that really works.

  1. Hold a free webinar

In this socially distant age, webinars are hot stuff. They’re a great way to show your audience what your products are all about, and to collect names and email addresses too. And the beauty of names and email addresses? You can use them for research, like targeted surveys, newsletters and social media campaigns. Once you’ve held your webinar, put it on social media too so it can be watched again and shared.

If webinars sound pretty daunting to you, again don’t worry as this is something we’re happy to help with.

  1. Get feedback about your product

Feedback truly tells you what people think of your digital product warts and all. It tests your assumptions about your project and gives you the chance to tweak your prototype before it goes any further. Social media is the best place to gain this feedback – just be prepared that it may not always be what you expect.

  1. Share testimonials

If you’ve launched similar products before then make sure you repost any positive testimonials about them on social media. This can help prove to users that your brand has been around for a while and is trustworthy and professional. Likewise, if you come across positive testimonials about your product on another website, such as Trustpilot for example, then share these too.

  1. Offer an exclusive discount

Let’s face it, people love a bargain so why not offer a discount or promotion on your new digital product using social media? Facebook ads are a good way to do this, where you can make discounts available only to your email subscribers for instance. You can also offer a different set of discounts to your Twitter followers perhaps.

Fancy adding a sense of urgency? Add limited time offers into the mix too to really get sales moving along. Again, if you’d like a chat about the best way to do this, why not reach out to us and see where it takes you.

If you’re stuck for ideas then give us a shout

At LeadSocial it’s what we do. If you’ve got something you want to shout about, we can craft the very best social media marketing strategy that gets it done. Fast, hassle-free and great value – so you can get on with everything else. Interested? Get in touch now!

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