How effective social media marketing during the coronavirus pandemic can bring some serious benefits

29 June 2020By Ayleesha

How effective social media marketing during the coronavirus pandemic can bring some serious benefits

With social distancing making all of us feel a little cut off at times, it’s never been more important to stay connected. From individuals reaching out to loved ones, to businesses engaging with customers, social media has filled that void (check out our recent blog What Is The Impact Of COVID-19 On Social Media?)

During the pandemic, engagement with all social media sites has exploded. Facebook use more than doubled, with TikTok also noting a 27% uptick just between February and March. Reddit too reported a 20-50% increase in traffic in business, news, travel, finance, sports and education subreddits while Instagram campaign impressions went up by 22% between the last quarter of 2019 and the first quarter of 2020.

Social media in business

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive economic uncertainty, and the lockdown meant many businesses may sadly never reopen again. Indeed, for the ones that make it through it’s a balancing act between looking after the health of customers and staff and trying to make a profit.

If this sounds like your business, then we definitely feel your pain. But now is also a great opportunity to shake up your usual marketing tactics, re-evaluate your social media strategy, reconnect with existing customers and cast your net wider. Social media marketing presents a straight-forward, cost-effective way to do this.

But what other benefits can social media bring in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis? Here we take a look.

It’s free!

Cash flows aren’t great for many businesses at the moment so every penny has to work hard. But one of the very best things about social media marketing is it’s free to sign up and use as often as you want. There are a variety of platforms –Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Instagram and more – so why not get stuck in, and if you need a hand then let us help.

It offers the chance to focus on growing your accounts, rather than conversions

With the economy shrinking, many of us are feeling the pinch. Consumer spending is likely to be more limited to the essentials than it has been in previous years, so unless you’re very lucky online sales may be looking a bit flat. But take heart! Now is actually the perfect time to look at your social media content, cut out the dead wood and build your online following.

Think about what business does and put out some fresh new stuff that’s related to it in some way. This might be by sharing light-hearted content like funny memes or video, or a ‘how to’ type piece. Not sure where to start? Why not browse our plans and let us do the hard work for you.

Digital marketing doesn’t need in-person meetings

Social distancing has meant that traditional ways of attracting leads have now done out the window. Conferences, sales meetings, networking events and other in-person gatherings are sopre-COVID (remember those days?). But social media once again steps into the breach, where businesses can turn to social media and influencers to bring about the leads and sales they otherwise would have achieved from their in-person events. Want to know more about the power of influencers? Talk to us.

It helps to spread news quickly

The coronavirus pandemic seemed to come out of nowhere and there’s probably not a single business on the planet that hasn’t been affected. Social media has meant that information about the business, such as new rules or opening times, can be dissipated instantly to your followers. It gets your message to where it needs to be – and fast.

Looking for new and effective ways to revamp your social media during the pandemic?

At LeadSocial it’s what we do. Whether your business is a small start-up or something much bigger, we’re here to build a social media marketing strategy that works. Reach out to us now!

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