Instagram Story advertising: An essential tool for your business?

01 December 2021By Michelle

Instagram Story advertising: An essential tool for your business?


An incredible 500 million plus people use Instagram Stories every day, eying up the next new trend or exciting must-have product.

Statistics show that 58% of users say they’ve become more aware of a new brand having seen it on Stories. And 50% of those say they’ve actually gone on to visit a website and made a purchase after seeing it on Instagram Stories.

Can your business afford to miss out?

What is Instagram Stories?

Instagram Stories is part of the Instagram platform and is a quick and easy way to boost social engagement. They’re essentially vertical, full-screen videos and photos that disappear after 24 hours. They’re not found on the news feed, but at the top of the Instagram app instead.

Instagram Stories include interactive tools like filters, polls and stickers to make your content really fizzle. A great way to bring a new dimension to your social media marketing!

So what benefits can Instagram Stories bring to my business?

There are loads, but we’ve picked out what we think are the top 5:

  1. Reaching more people and interacting with your audience

Instagram Stories play an important role when it comes to social media marketing. It’s an invaluable way to showcase your business and tell the world what you’re up to.

Instagram is where people tend to engage with each other the most out of all the social media platforms, so it’s a valuable piece of real estate that’s already buzzing with people. It presents a brilliant opportunity to actually talk to your audience with the aim of understanding their needs better.

A good tip is to ask your followers questions to involve them in your story, encouraging them to share their interest along the way.

  1. Building brand visibility

When a user you follow publishes a new story, a colourful ring will appear at the top of your feed to show a New Story is published. Anyone who is following you will also see when you’ve published a story, so you’ll be hard to miss!

Make as many stories a day as you can – there’s no need to limit yourself to just one.

  1. Generating leads

The more followers your business has over time, the more chance you have of someone seeing your products and your business and thinking “Wow!”. With a bigger pool of leads, you’re more likely to translate these leads into sales.

A great thing to is that Instagram Stories can be seen by everyone, not just those who follow you.

  1. Repurposing your blog content

Blogs that back up and reference your videos will help with bringing about a marketing strategyand a digital presence that flows. This again helps to build brand awareness, increasing your chance of conversions.

  1. Get instant feedback for new products or services

Instagram Stories is perfect for market research and gives you the chance to gain honest feedback about a new product. Perhaps you’re unsure of the ‘look and feel’ of a new release, or you just worry it’s missing something. Your followers can soon let you know (the polls features is great for this!)

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