Market your small business on social media – the easy way

01 August 2020By Michelle

Market your small business on social media – the easy way

Just launched your own fabulous small business and not sure how to kick off your social media efforts? Perhaps you’ve been around a while but the coronavirus pandemic has meant you’re seriously looking to up your social media marketing game?

It’s worth getting right as not using social media can mean a seriously shallow customer gene pool. But worryingly, only around three-quarters of small businesses say they actively use social media regularly. We’ve found that of the ones that don’t, many say they simply can’t find the time, money, people power or brain space.

It’s difficult, we know; luckily though, there’s LeadSocial. We’re experts in all things social media, including how to choose the perfect channels for you and how to see an effective marketing strategy through from start to finish.

Start with a plan

Social media tools are generally free and easy to use, which makes it tempting to jump right in and get posting. But like all good business strategies, the social media presence of your small business should always start with a good plan. If the planning stage is missed off, you’ll have no clear aims or goals so how do you know what you want to achieve? You also won’t be able to measure any results.

Not sure where to start? LeadSocial can help you put together an effective social media plan quickly and easily.

Decide on the right platform for your business

Don’t assume you know everything about who uses what online. Your instinct for example might be that millennials tend to prefer Snapchat and Instagram to Facebook. But tread carefully, as millennials were actually born between 1980 and 1994 so we’re talking a pretty big age range here. 94% of people in the UK aged between 25 and 34 had their own social network profile as of 2018. And of these, you can bet that a very large number of them will still have their profiles in 2020, with many being Facebook profiles. Again, if you’re not sure which social media platform would suit your business the best, then get in touch with us.

Post content all the time

Once you’re set up, keep your accounts active! There’s nothing like stumbling across a Facebook page that hasn’t been updated for 3 months to really put you off. After all, what’s the point of following a brand that never posts anything?

Regular posting, several times a week if possible, is the best way to keep your page fresh and draw people in. Not sure if you’ll have time to keep posting to social media? Just pick a plan and leave it with us!

Actively engage with your audience

Although content is massively important on social media, just posting loads of updates and walking away isn’t enough. Social media is also about connecting and engaging with people, so that you can foster relationships and build trust in your brand.

There are loads of ways you can do this, including:

  • Writing comments on posts
  • Showing appreciation for your customers
  • Beginning a conversation or participating in an existing one
  • Sharing user-generated content and relevant information
  • Answering questions, comments and complaints from users
  • Running promotions such as offers and competitions

There’s no need to go it alone!

For small businesses, having a fully-fledged marketing department at the moment is perhaps a step too far. This means you may be entering the world of social media marketing yourself for the first time, which can be very scary.

Well don’t panic – LeadSocial is here to help! We take the hard work out of social media marketing for your small business. When you work with us, we’ll look after all aspects of your social media campaign in order to reach the widest audience and super-size that conversion rate.

Start the conversation today and don’t forget you can also take some inspiration by checking out our other recent blog articles on the subject.

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