Shouting into a black hole? Get your business seen on social media

15 May 2021By Ayleesha

Shouting into a black hole? Get your business seen on social media

Whether you’re new to social media or not, it can be rather daunting understanding how to get the most out of it. Why don’t people react to your posts? You get plenty of browsers, but your retweets and likes are rarer than hen’s teeth.

Well don’t despair! This short blog will get you thinking about how to maximise your potential.

LeadSocial are specialists at making social media platforms work for you, and we’ll even put in the legwork so you can get on with running your business. Ask us how.

Ok so where do I start?

If you’re reading this you already have started! You’re thinking about your social media strategy which is the first step to success. You’ve got a profile set up, and you’re open for business. Now what?

Think about your audience

Who is your customer? What will attract them in? What gets their juices flowing? Perhaps not so easy to answer but nail them, and you’ll be laughing. Whatever you are selling, make it interesting, relevant and leave people wanting more.

Be human

Yes, we are all humans, I’m not thinking you’re an alien reading this. But be conversational, friendly, and down to earth. Talk to your customers like you would if you were stood behind the bar in your local. Engage with them and earn their loyalty.

Don’t leave the conversation

If people have gone to the trouble of leaving comments, whether good or bad, talk to them! Not only does it show you care, but it will attract others in to the conversationand before you know it you’ll be a talking point for people to share.

Hashtags are your #friend

Don’t underestimate the power of this little fella. Hashtags are really important in getting your posts popping up in searches, so understand what is trending and get them in there. Don’t go crazy though, two or three are the limit really or you’ll come across as a bit desperate and spammy. And don’t use them if they aren’t relevant to your post. Want to know more about hash tagging? Ask us.

Use the right medium

Before you ask, no we’re not talking about reaching out to the spirit world. Think about varying your posts. Links are good, but a bit boring if that’s all you’ve got. Use videos and photos to liven up your space. Everyone loves a good video and they are more likely to get shared too.

Be a postmaster

Again, we’re not talking about sending parcels here. Get used to regular posts, and keep an eye on what’s going on so things stay fresh and hot. Don’t waste time on old posts if they are no longer being looked at, but for the ones that are getting lots of heat, retweet them, repost them and build on that popularity.

Looks like I’ve got some work to do!

You probably have, but that’s a good thing. Don’t have time? Did you know that LeadSocial can manage your social media for you? We love making businesses successful and we are remarkably good at it! Ask us why.

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