Strong social media traffic but hardly any sales? Try our tips

01 June 2021By Michelle

Strong social media traffic but hardly any sales? Try our tips

Social media is great for reeling customers in and directing them to your website – after all that’s where the magic happens! So why aren’t they buying? There are a few quick and easy things you can do to improve your sales, so read on!

At LeadSocialwe specialise in using social media like a boss. Not only are we passionate about successful social media, we just love looking after it all for you. Take a look at what we do.

Test, test, test

Make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly – test it! How does it look? Does it have the same feel and appeal as the desktop version? Sometimes the smallest niggle can put off a potential buyer such as the basket button being too small or the wrong colour. Make it super easy to use and don’t give your customers an excuse to give up through frustration.

Check your links

You’re getting high levels of traffic which means your social media platform is working well. Links to your website are the most obvious and direct way to navigate customers – so make sure they work! Dropping a customer on to your landing page after promoting the latest pair of jeans or piece of tech is going to confuse them, and then they have to find it themselves…

More is definitely less

Being bombarded and asked lots of questions is a sure fire way to tell your customers you are a pain to do business with. Streamline your website journey, and make it a pleasure rather than a chore. If you are lucky enough to get their email address, don’t overdo the emails either, or the only responses you’ll be getting will be requests to unsubscribe. Oh dear.


“What’s this when it’s at home???” I hear you ask. It sounds geeky but really it isn’t. Optimisation is all about keeping your website clear and attractive. Use a number of photos per page (4 is a good number) and use language that is conversational and in keeping with your brand.

Check out your checkout

So your customer has filled their basket and made it to the checkout, hooray! But hang on, the process is buggy and slow. Bye byesale. It’s well worth investing in a decent back-end process to make all parts of your website run smoothly. Again, test it!

Show your customers you are trustworthy

It’s really important when parting with hard-earned cash that you have faith in the company you are paying. Are they going to do what they say they will? Be honest and direct about your policies, and reassure them they are in safe hands.

Get to work!

Start adopting these easy but essential tips and you’ll soon see your sales sky rocket. Feel free to drop us a lineat LeadSocial if you want to talk about your social media and making it work for you. Don’t forget to check out our other bitesize blogs for more useful stuff. See you soon.

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