Tell the world about your brand with Facebook Stories (and LeadSocial)

15 August 2020By Ayleesha

Tell the world about your brand with Facebook Stories (and LeadSocial)

Facebook Stories has become an essential part of a healthy social media strategy. By not using it regularly, you’re seriously missing a valuable opportunity to engage your audience.

Not sure where to start or simply don’t have time? Not a problem. A professional social media agency like LeadSocial can help you get the very best out of everything Facebook Stories has to offer – without the hassle. By the way, you might also find a couple of our recent blogs handy here, like How To Develop Your Social Media Brand Strategy and Social Media Advertising – Worth The Bother?

But what is Facebook Stories?

Stories is pretty much just another News Feed, but the big difference is it’s all about the visual stuff – videos, photos etc. It’s much less about reams of writing. You use the special Stories section rather than just posting on Facebook in the normal way, where you can add new effects and filters to the camera to your hearts content. Although we tend to use our phones to take pictures, you can also use Facebook Stories on your laptop, tablet or PC if you want to create even more polished images.

Ready to dive in? Take a look at our top storytelling tips:

  1. Shout about the history of your brand

You need your brand to stand out now more than ever – so tell your amazing, unique story to the world! How did your business get started? Who came up with the idea behind it and what early challenges did you face?

True stories tap into the naturally nosey side of humans so are a great way to hold peoples’ attention. Plus, social media management experts like us know exactly how to craft your story for maximum effect, freeing up your time for other things. Simply pick a plan that fits around you then get Facebook Stories ticked off your list.

  1. Consider using ad campaigns

Obviously this type of thing isn’t organic, so there will be a little money spending involved. But if you really want to get word out there and connect with as many people as possible, ad campaigns are spot on. If you’re worried about coughing up cash for this, we recommend testing Stories organically, and then running ads featuring the ones which perform best. Again, this is something that social media specialists like us can help you with to achieve maximum benefit.

  1. Mix it up by combining Stories with data for increased engagement

Data, like graphs, charts and user statistics, is pretty dry on its own. But sometimes there’s something stats-y that you really want to shout about (like, “Did you know we’re the biggest seller of hot tubs in London?”). So make this part of your Story and add a very visual, bold chart to get the point across. It makes it more personalised and ‘in your face’, which can be very effective.

No idea where to start? Choose one of our plans or get in touch with the social marketing experts at LeadSocial for ideas!

  1. Pack in the CTAs

Giving people information is great but the only way you’ll convert your brand Story into money is with a call to action (CTA). This gives them something specific to do, like “Sign up to our magazine” or “Join us for a course on Zoom”. That kind of thing.

  1. Got more than 10,000 followers? Always Swipe Up

This one’s for the Instagram users amongst you. Basically the swipe-up feature is available for those with a verified Instagram account alongside Facebook Stories, so you can cross-post your Instagram Stories that contain swipe-up links to Facebook Stories. It’s offered for accounts with more than 10,000 followers specifically, and means you can add a link directly to the Story itself (a massive advantage). Making your user journeys easier in this way typically brings a healthier conversion rate.

Ready to take your brand’s story to the next level?

Our team will make it happen. Even COVID-19 won’t hold us down and we’re open as usual, so why not get in touch!

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