Top 5 perks of outsourcing your social media

15 February 2021By Ayleesha

Top 5 perks of outsourcing your social media

Trying to keep on top of social media campaign these days can be a full time job, without running a business on top! With so many social media platforms around now, you want to make sure you aren’t missing out. You also need to feel in control of them, and you (understandably) might feel reluctant to hand over this control to a third party. It’s your business, you’re the expert, right? Of course – but social media management itself isn’t always as straightforward as it seems. Many companies are now realising this too, with around 42% of UK businesses outsourcing their marketing efforts.

In this short blog we’ll explain how handing over the reigns to a social media management company like LeadSocial will free up your day to run and expand your business. We’ll also look at how outsourcing can actually yield greater traffic and returning customers to your business again and again. Want to learn more about social media branding? Why not check out our recent blog: How To Develop Your Social Media Brand Strategy.

Perk 1: Staying ahead of the competition

Too many businesses look at social media as a “nice to do” area when they have the time. The problem with this approach is there are never enough hours in the day. Meanwhile, your competitors are gaining ground over your website, which hasn’t had a blog post uploaded for weeks.
You should aim make your customers feel needed and important, and most of all relevant. Tricky to do when you are busy running things day to day. So let LeadSocial help you stay ahead.

Perk 2: Keeping it fresh

By outsourcing the management of your social media platforms, you are ensuring your business is constantly getting out there with fresh ideas and information. Plus, most importantly of all your profile and branding gets noticed.

Perk 3: Outsourcing will make you money and grow your business

Like anything in life, nothing good comes for free. At the same time though, you don’t always get what you pay for. Make sure you are getting exactly what you need by having a tailored social media strategy drawn up that suits your business needs. There are different plans available, and obviously it’s good to get value for money too.

At LeadSocial our friendly team of experts will talk you through what you want to get out of us, and we’ll guide you on the best plan to choice – minus the pushy sales or empty promises.

Perk 4: Freeing up resource within your business

How much of your own people power you put into your social media offering is up to you. But by outsourcing it you know that your staff can be using their skills on other areas of the business, rather than being swamped with social media duties. After all, updates, content writing and addressing customer queries can all be labour intensive – so why not let us at LeadSocial do it for you?

Perk 5: Gaining an invaluable marketing team

This one’s probably the most important. By outsourcing your social media you’re not only saving money, beating the competition and staying ahead of the game – you’ll also have access to a bunch of experts who know about marketing your products and services on social media. With LeadSocial you can’t go wrong!

Still need convincing?

Why not get in touch with us here at LeadSocial. We don’t bite, and we just love to talk about making social media plans successful!

Take a look at our great value packages to find one that suits you, or why not get in touch.

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