Top 5 social media tips for start-ups 

01 February 2022By Michelle

Top 5 social media tips for start-ups 

Start-ups have it tough (we know this ourselves!). But social media is part of the basic fabric of any business these days, and doing it well can make all the difference between success and failure.

But how do you know which social media platform to choose? And what about building a brand message?

Check out our 5 quick tips.

  1. Market research… and more market research

Got a tweet you’re just itching to post? Hold fire just a sec. Before you start churning out the updates, get your homework done.

When you’re a start-up just dipping your toe into social media marketing, you need to take a nuanced approach. Randomly posting here there and everywhere is a little too “bull in a china shop”.

The first thing to do is know your audience. You’ve probably already researched this quite a bit when you drew up your business plan. Go through the research again, being mindful of your audience’s social media behaviours.

  1. Find out where your audience is hanging out

Research shows that broadly speaking, younger people use Instagram where older audiences may plump more for Facebook. But only by carrying out market research can you know what your social media marketing goals are.

Important data you need would be things like:

  • Where your target market is geographically located
  • How old they are
  • Which social media platforms they use
  • How long they spend on the internet
  • How often they use social media
  • What their online behaviours are

Get the groundwork right and you’ll reap the rewards later on.

  1. Write a kickass social media marketing plan

Now you’ve nailed down your social media essentials, you’ll need to create an effective marketing plan for each platform you’re using. Your plan should be based on your research.

It’s well worth setting measurable weekly and monthly goals, for example gaining 20 new followers or expanding your reach by 5%.

  1. Build a brand message

Devising a brand message that’s spot on isn’t just the reserve of big corporations. It equally applies to small businesses and start-ups. But where to start?

Firstly, decide what you want to say. Are you shouting about how sustainable your brand is for instance? Or maybe you’re on the verge of a new product launch?

Jump on a message and stick with it. Speak your customers directly in their language.

  1. Post consistently

So the right platforms have been chosen and your brand message and marketing plan are in place. Now you need to post, post, post!

The key here though is consistency. Rather than posting every hour or every day, it’s actually more important to be consistent. Posting at the same time each week is preferable to posting hourly one day then nothing for a while.

Posting consistently means your customers are more likely to find you and get to know your brand. You might find tools like Hootsuite or Hubspot invaluable here, or get signed up with an expert social media marketing agency like us!

Ready to kick your social media marketing up a notch?

Our team will make it happen. Choose from our outstanding value bronze, silver or gold pricing plans or of course you can get in touch!

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