What are the ingredients for a kickass social media post?

01 September 2021By Michelle

What are the ingredients for a kickass social media post?


Posting regularly on social media but finding you’re not getting the engagement you’d hoped for? We hear you!

A good place to start is in remembering what the point of them actually is in the first place – that is, to bring traffic to your website, build your brand and increase sales. It’s easy to forget these key points and end up waffling in your posts or choosing subjects that don’t quite hit the mark. So here we’ve put together a few handy things to remember when putting together an amazing social media post that works!

  1. Make your post look good

Don’t be boring! Visual content is so important with social media. Videos, images, Infographics, GIFs and memes are all a great way to get your message across. People don’t really want to be reading reams of text – think snackable pieces of info that are sharp and snappy.

  1. Go for a tone that’s light-hearted

A little bit of humour can go a long way in social media marketing and can make your brand sound more human (as long as the topic isn’t a solemn one of course!)

Avoid anything too pushy or salesy – obviously you want to point the reader towards a call to action, but no-one like to feel as though they’re being forced. And it goes without saying, but don’t cross any lines with your humour. Topics like sexual orientation, religion and race are extremely touchy subjects that should be steered clear of.

  1. Be totally original!

Don’t be tempted to copy exactly what your competitors are doing – be yourself!

Whilst it’s good to have a nose at what other businesses in your industry are shouting about, stick to your own brand voice and be authentic.

  1. Understand when the best time is to post your content

Use the in-built analytics tools on Facebook, Twitter etc to gauge then your target audience is most likely to be reading your posts. Relate your topics to current affairs when possible and keep things relevant. For example, if your target audience is middle aged professionals, post in the evenings or at weekends when they may be more likely to be checking social media. This is something Lead Social will be pleased to help you with!

  1. Know your platform inside out

Before you choose which social media platform (or platforms) you want to post to, make sure you do your research. Understand what functions each one has, as well as its posting style. All the platforms are slightly different in what they can offer. For example, LinkedIn allows for much longer posts than Twitter so you need to decide what you platform absolutely must offer you and what you can manage without. Again, the Lead Social team are on hand to help.

Want to know more about making social media work for you? Get in touch and see how we can work with you in managing your social media from start to finish. There’s a range of packages you choose from and don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog too for further social media hints and tips.

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