What’s changed in social media marketing over the years? 

03 January 2022By Michelle

What’s changed in social media marketing over the years?

Social media is at the heart of any digital marketing business strategy (or it should be!)

But like all things tech and communication, it doesn’t stand still. The power of social media is clear, but the landscape is ever-changing.

Nowadays it’s simply not enough to post some generic content on Facebook or Twitter and expect results. You need to really stand out, and get your message across without being too “in your face” about it.

In 2021 and beyond, only a results-driven social media marketing strategy will work, and it really must include:

  • Fantastically catchy content that’s specifically designed for each platform
  • Campaigns that sit on the platforms where your target consumers actually hang out
  • Unique ways of encouraging UGC (user-generated content)


Here we take a look at the top 3 ways in which social media marketing has changed in recent years, and how it’s evolving.

E-commerce in-app opportunities

Over the next few years, e-commerce will become even more of a big deal on social media. In-app purchases especially will grow. Instagram’s newest app update placed its “Shop” feature icon in the exact spot where users used to access their notifications. Accident? We think not!

Ok so to some people this may seem like a slightly sneaky move, but we think it’s a clear sign that Instagram – and ecommerce – is moving on to become a big hitter.

Earlier this year, TikTok also announced it’s going to partner with Shopify to allow its merchants to advertise seamlessly on TikTok. Interesting, the two companies are also planning to release new in-app features later on.

Using video content to create brand engagement opportunities

Video content is an incredibly effective way of engaging with social media users. As a brand, you need to deliver content in a format that your users actually want.

It might seem like a traditional Facebook or Instagram post would suit your business best, but you have to actively go where the engagement opportunity is. All of the established social media channels offer video content functionality, which is something that just a few years ago wasn’t the case.


In the days before anyone had even heard of “influencer marketing”, it was possible to attract huge interest in your product or service just by having a large following. But then influencers came along; people with massive followings themselves who could drive up product sales of just about anything simply by mentioning it. The more popular an influencer becomes, the more companies fight to be mentioned by them.

After all, times have changed and follower count alone is irrelevant. Influencers, particularly those still growing in popularity, could be the ideal match for your target audience. It’s simply a case of finding the right one for you.

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