Three steps for social growth – A fast and furious ‘How To’

15 January 2020By Michelle

So, your social media follower growth is stuttering and starting, right? You might be wondering just how your competitors have and continue to hit milestone after milestone – 1,000 followers, 5,000, 10,000 and more.

Before you up and leave, allowing tumble weed to drift in over your social accounts, take a deep breath, grab a coffee and make your way through the following three steps for fast social growth.


  1. Start, Stop, Continue – Three everyday actions

Time for a fresh routine. Stay on top of social media with this simple three-step daily strategy.



START doing one or two things each day that will progress your goals (and if you haven’t set any yet, you should take one step back and read: Marketing strategy – What it is and why it’s so darn important). Some examples (and the tasks that could push your progress forward) include…

  • Want to build authority? Read up on influencer marketing.
  • Need to grow your follower count, fast? Run a PPC campaign – check out this ‘Complete Guide to Facebook Video Ads’, from WordStream.
  • Want to strike up conversations with your audience? Learn about Facebook Live and webinars that work.



STOP doing the things that aren’t working (even if they used to drive BIG results).

Social media platforms and audiences change by the day – what worked today may not tomorrow.

Let’s take a working example – your promo posts used to drive sales. So you upped the ratio of postings that were about certain products. But one month later, you’re getting fewer sales than you did initially, despite increasing the number of posts.

This is just one example of something that’s no longer working as it should. Others could fall into one of the following three categories:

  • wastes time, energy and/or money
  • doesn’t directly align with your company goals
  • no longer produces results



Continue doing the things that are working well or that are as yet unproven.

Social media tactics are proven when:

  • Your audience are commenting, liking or sharing
  • Your follower count is increasing
  • You’re receiving mentions on other pages and profiles
  • Fellow industry professionals are getting in touch to talk about collaboration


  1. Understand your audience (and answer their wants and needs)

Ask yourself the following three key questions…

What motivates your audience?

What’s important to them?

What do they care about most?

Shape your story around these three key things and allow it to guide your content marketing strategy.

  1. The Three C’s – Content, Context, and Clarity


‘Content is King’ – it’s just about the most overused marketing saying going. So you duly started churning out content. Only thing is that it’s not getting you the community adoration you hoped for.

What’s the problem?

The issue could be two-fold: one – content topics may not be of value to your audience and two – your writing approach simply isn’t connecting.

At this point, we can’t overstate just how important it is to create snappy writing with personality packed into every paragraph.



In the age of click bait, there’s nothing more frustrating (or damaging to a brand) than an audience that feels misled into clicking on a link.

Be clear on what your audience are going to read when they click that link – add direct quotes from your blogs, statistics and take care when crafting the headline (ensuring that it reflects the content in its entirety). Start with the challenge that your audience faces, and the solution your blog provides.



Social media is a busy place full of noise. Cut through it by calling your audience to action with clear instructions as to the next step.


All of the above can be expertly handled by Lead Social. Outsource your social media management and let us handle it all so you can focus on your business. Contact us to find out more.

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