5 easy ways to repurpose your social media content for maximum effect

01 April 2021By Michelle

5 easy ways to repurpose your social media content for maximum effect

Your social media platforms are the gateway to strong sales, regular follows and sky-high popularity. With this in mind, you need to make sure it’s working for you in the right way.

You may already have a good social media presence, but is it successful? Repurposing is all about refreshing and updating what you’ve already got. It keeps your brand looking relevant and exciting in what is a very crowded environment.

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Repurposing sounds like a lot of hard work.

That depends. It doesn’t have to be an entire rebrand, and any simple changes will make a difference. Let’s get into it!

  1. Expand your evergreen content


Evergreen content is the stuff you’ve already posted that doesn’t get old, is successful and popular. So if it’s working, you need to maximise its potential. Create further articles linked to your evergreen blogs, get them shared around and you’ll see it blossom even further.


  1. Modify existing posts

Just because you’ve got a successful twitter post, it doesn’t mean you can’t expand it out to other platforms. Modify the post to use on Instagram by screenshotting the tweet. It will generate a whole new discussion and it will get people linking back to your twitter account. Just make sure you optimise it for Instagram – we can help you with this, just ask us!

  1. Use quotes

Quoting your existing blogs or tweets sounds all very big-headed, but you want to blow your own trumpet to get noticed. Pick a successful blog or comment from your feed and repost it like you are sharing a golden nugget of knowledge. Take a look at other successful podcasts to see how it’s done and to get some pointers.

  1. Create a podcast

Podcasts aren’t only used by celebrities or comedians, anyone can do it and it can be a great way of repurposing your already well-browsed content into a new and different medium. Make it short and snappy and if successful, you could even turn it into a series. Cross reference it with hot topics and link into them.


  1. Use memes

“What is a meme?” I hear you ask. Where have you been! Memes are usually humorous images or 1-2 second video clips which cover a whole host of topics. See what’s trending and use it to your advantage. Steer clear of the overused ones though, and try to keep it on message with your branding.


There you go, a quick crash-course in repurposing. Give it a go and let us know how you get on.

If you need more help or advice we are always on hand – just reach out to us here at LeadSocial. We can help you manage your entire social media portfolio, taking the hard work out of it all and leaving you to run your business.



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