What exactly is social media management and why is it important?

15 July 2021By Michelle

What exactly is social media management and why is it important?


Social media management is basically where all your social media postings, strategy, research, statistics and reporting are managed so that they bring about the best results for your business. The point behind it is in effectively attracting new followers and interacting with potential customers whilst building your brand voice.

Just about any business in any sector and of any size can benefit from effective social media management. Essentially, it’s all about increasing brand awareness which in turn creates a strong relationship with your followers, with the aim of generating sales. Yes, you could take on social media management yourself (and some very large companies may well have an in-house team to do this). But the vast majority of small and medium sized businesses will need to outsource their social media marketing, simply because they don’t have the resources, skills or time to do it themselves. For start-ups it’s even more important.

This is where Lead Social comes in – we do it all for you! And we really get results.

It’s money well spent, too

We can’t emphasis strongly enough the power of social media and why managing it properly is so important. And the good news is with our great value packages it’s likely to cost less than you think!

In fact, there’s every chance that outsourcing your social media will be a very cost-effective move. And it’s well worth using the services of social media experts like us, rather than attempting to manage the service yourself.

So what are the key advantages of social media management?

As well as potentially saving you a lot of money (and increasing your revenue), outsourcing your social media management can save you a huge amount of time. It also gives you peace of mind, where you know that all your social networks are up to date, thoroughly monitored, and are bringing you the best return on investment. It also means that you don’t have to keep finding time and resource to manage social media yourself (after all, it’s a day-in, day-out kind of job!). So you can focus on the rest of your business.

Why choose LeadSocial to manage my social media?

Here at Lead Social we have a wealth of experience in all things digital and social marketing – it’s what we do! We thrive on helping businesses boost their brand reputation, and are one of the UK’s top trusted social media management consultancies.

The LeadSocial team base their service on trust, integrity and good practice – and we never use bots! We’re simply about building real, effective social media strategies that work for our clients. Our values, ethos and high-quality service are what guide us.

Still not sure?

Why not get in touch with us here at Lead Social. We’d love to discuss your ideas, and to help make your social media marketing the very best it can be!

Take a look at our great value plans to find one that suits you. And don’t forget, if you found this blog useful why not check out our others.

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